Jun 24, 2017

Humble Hearts and Self-Serving Attitudes

"Give me ten minutes. I'm finishing this . . . ?"

Have you ever said something along those lines to someone?

In the moment, the task we're doing can seem like the most interesting task in the world. Especially when someone asks us to do something that we really don't want to do. I recently found myself in the latter situation.

Apr 4, 2017

Back to the Basics: Simplifying Fashion and Life

My closet is filled with clothes. Finding lack of hanging space, out-of-season clothes have moved into boxes to be unpacked when the time comes. I have no pressing need for anything, yet during a recent conversation with a friend, the two of us discussed the irresistibility of purchasing one more item that we find lacking in our already crowded closets.

This habit has been carefully bred and developed over time by an increasingly materialistic and consumeristic culture. No longer are we satisfied with the basic necessities, but we are taught to need more and more. Many clothes are fashioned with a specific occasion or season in mind. When their time is up, they either sit in our closet collecting dust until the next year or in the trash or Salvation Army bin.

Every year, my family throws out bags filled with perfectly good clothes. We feel good donating these items to the Salvation Army, but we don't actually know what happens to them. Will they find a home, or will they continue to collect dust somewhere? In the end, we're still generating more waste and still unsatisfied with our closets.

Instead of purchasing another item for the closet, what if we gave away a piece of clothing we wear only once or twice a year? What if we learned how to piece together new outfits from the items that we already own? What if we learned how to be content with what we have?

Mar 24, 2017

Afraid of Missing Out or Afraid I'm Not Good Enough?

"Aren't you afraid that you'll miss out on something good?"

That's the general reaction that I get when I tell others that I don't watch R-rated movies. Some wonder why I would willingly forsake any potential pleasure in life. Others believe some R-rated movies may include content needed for history or culture to be portrayed accurately. Such content is not always PG.

For example, Schindler's List takes place during the Holocaust and The King's Speech features a lengthy scene filled with cuss words. However, both films feature uplifting messages. Aren't these movies worth seeing?

Why not keep myself open to determining whether a movie is worth seeing on a case-to-case basis? Why set boundaries in the first place?

Feb 27, 2017

Dear God, Am I Wrong for Wanting Others to Love Me Too?

Our parents are our parents. They're supposed to love us and think the best of us. Likewise, God is our Father. He's obligated to love us because of who He is. Where then can we measure our worth and desirability?

It seems common sense to turn to the world for answers . . . right?

After all, no one else is obligated to love us. If other people like us and want to hang out with us, it must be because of who we are. Not because of who they are or anything they are obligated to do. Yet, the more we pursue love in the world, the more discontent we become. We can't seem to find joy in the affection that was supposed to bring us happiness.  We can't figure out what went wrong.

Feb 13, 2017

Romance Will Not Cure Your Lonely Heart

Books, films, TV shows, the media, the song playing on the radio . . . these various mediums share the recurring theme of love.

Especially as women, we are taught from an early age to covet a romantic relationship. We learn to expect our Prince Charming—or, as some prefer, the dashing knight on a black horse—to sweep us off our feet.

I like to bemoan the lack of female conversations in the media that don't mention the opposite sex. Truth be told, men don't feature prominently in my conversations with friends. When they do come up, however, so do our insecurities as single ladies, and it's heartbreaking how reliant our self-esteem has come to rest on whether the opposite sex finds us desirable.