Sep 29, 2014

Why I Left the Church and Why I Returned Seven Years Later

Currently, the church that I attend is holding a series on God's Great Rescue. Part of this series involves a personal study guide on God's rescue plan for us. One of the questions asked is: What is your story of redemption? After some thought, I decided to share it on this blog, as being a Christian has become so important to my identity and how I live my life.

I was raised in a Christian household and went to church every Sunday. When I entered middle school, I started going to the Young People meetings on Saturday nights. However, it felt like something was missing. Looking back, I understand that I was living life more as a cultural Christian. I went through the motions because I was told to do so, but I didn't truly understand why I was doing them and what it meant to live in Christ. My actions were motivated more from a sense of fear and duty. The people around me told me that Judgment Day was coming and that on that day we would all be judged for our sins. I was so scared and felt like I could never live a life pure and blameless enough to get into Heaven. There was no way I could live up to the standards God set for us. A part of me even feared that he didn't exist and that all my actions were meaningless. What I didn't understand then was that there is no meaningless action born out of a love for God initiated out of a desire to honor God.