Jan 14, 2017

How to Set Purposeful Goals for the New Year

As a college student, I found myself surrounded by burned-out people who were just trying to survive. We did all the right things: we took as many AP classes as we could in high school, participated actively in student organizations, and did community service. There we were living—throwing thousands of dollars for—the college dream, and we were too stressed to enjoy it.

Jan 5, 2017

7 Myths About Abortion Debunked

Abortion has been a "hot topic" for the past several decades. It is also one that we don't particularly enjoy discussing because of the nature of the topic and, subsequently, the fear of stirring up tempers. We have forgotten how to converse civilly and respectfully about "hot topics" like abortion and instead try to take the easy way out through phrases like "you do you" and "...if it makes you happy." Such sayings may work on a lower scale, but abortion is a legislation that impacts millions of lives.

We've forgotten what our priorities are and that, perhaps, no matter where we fall on the "abortion debate," we care about basic human rights, which includes women's rights. The question now is—coming from the human rights perspective, what are the implications of legalizing abortion?