Jul 24, 2017

Who or What are You Loving? {And Where Should You Be Giving More Time?}

Pet me. Pay attention to me, my dog seems to be saying as he sits in front of me. His bottom is firmly planted on top of my computer's charging cord—a challenge to what has been and what should be taking priority in my life.

A line from my theology reading comes to mind: "God speaks through his creation."

Hasn't my dog been proving this point to me?

This summer, my dog has been holding me accountable to our prayer walks. Every morning, when I come down the stairs, he runs over and prances about, pushing me to hurry up and take him around the neighborhood. Since I've started these morning walks, I've been following them up with jogs (without the dog), and I'm beginning to greet neighbors during these morning excursions.

None of this would've started had I not received the inspiration to take my dog out on a morning walk and kept at it.

What could God be trying to tell me now? What has He been trying to tell me over the hundreds (thousands?) of times my dog has sat before me, trying to command my attention, over the past twelve years?