As Christian women, we have a heart for God, and we have a desire to share a Christ-like love with others. However, we feel pressured to conform to cultural norms. We have a romanticized image of love, beauty, dating, the workplace, and the modern woman, among other things.

Too often, these ideals conflict with our faith. Many of us were never taught how to discern biblical truths from false teachings or how to reconcile a life in Christ with contemporary culture, and we are hard-pressed to defend our faith when challenged to do so. Some of us have fallen into periods of doubt and may have even denied our faith at one point. All of these were me at some point in life.

I believe that it is essential for us as Christ followers to know our faith and be prepared to defend our faith when questioned. We must also be discerning of biblical truths so that we can live a life like that of Christ. (At least, as much as humanly possible.)

This blog was born during my search for Scripture-based answers to questions on how to pursue Christian living as a young woman in contemporary times. As a writer, this is how I process information and seek God's truth. As a fellow reader, I hope that these words provide encouragement in your life. We are all on a journey in search for answers. There is hope for those of us who seek to live both as a woman of the times and as a woman of Christ.

I try to post here once a week. As I'm a full-time seminary student, sister, daughter, friend, I have been blessed with a full life. I do prioritize God, family and friends, then work (including this blog), and I may run late on posts. That said, I am working on discipline and time management so that I live a balanced lifestyle. I love writing for this blog and hope to post more frequently one day!

You can find more frequent updates on my walk in faith on my Facebook page and Instagram. (If you love my blog, you might like my Instagram. It's my place to write mini posts as they come to me during the day, and I sometimes share snippets of my life on stories!)


Because of my father's work, my family moved around every four years or so until we arrived in the Dallas area. One constant in my life was that we always had a home filled with animals. The most we've ever had at one time was in one of our Californian homes. God blessed our home with two dogs, four mice, two bunnies (who had baby bunnies), a guinea pig, an African Fat-Tailed Gecko, several Western-fenced lizards, and four quail that my elementary school science teacher gave us.

I completed my undergraduate studies with a B.A. in English, a B.A. in Psychology, and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. At my campus, I served for two years as President of the Ballroom Dance organization (then Vice President for a year to facilitate the transition into the new leadership) as well as the Creative Writing organization I founded with fellow writers; I was also an active participant in the college ministry. I spent the last two years as a high school English teacher and Sunday School teacher for the pre-K students at a large church. I believe that love of God and the internalization of His love as being for us motivates us as Christ followers to serve in our community as role models of a life lived in faith and love.

Presently, I am a full-time seminary student by day and reader-writer by moonlight. I sometimes wonder at how blessed I am to have so much to love, to be so loved in return, and to have the privilege to do the ministry that I love and have been given the heart to do.

Some of my favorite activities include reading, writing, photography, soccer, piano, and studying Christian theology, especially pertaining to contemporary culture. Some of my favorite things include time with family, playing with the puppy, a good book, and a cup of hot tea.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope to see you around!

Photo Credits: (1) Ocean view from a visit to Hongtong Cat Village in Taiwan, taken by my cousin Kelvin Liu. (2) Photo by Roxanne Perez.